IObit Security 360

IObit Security 360 Pro 1.41

Protect your PC from spyware and malware


  • Real time, effective protection
  • Tool for browser cleaning
  • Privacy cleaner
  • Automatic threat updates
  • File unlocker


  • Some threats aren't explained well

Very good

IObit Security 360 Pro is a complete anti-spyware security application. It can be used to protect your computer from all types of malware, like dialers, tracking cookies, bots and trojans. It won't interfere with any security software you already have installed.

The interface of IObit Security 360 Pro is attractive and very clear. There are four main sections, Overview, Scan, Protection and Tools.

In the first, Overview, you'll see a summary of your system's status, based on any scans IObit Security 360 Pro has done. You can also perform a quick 'smart' scan, which will highlight any major problems with your PC.

All scans are done when you want, and IObit Security 360 Pro will not take up system resources by itself. You can do full or custom scans, and set up an automatic schedule too. Detected threats or problems can be deleted automatically, or you can check them out one by one.

As is common with security programs, IObit Security 360 Pro is very good at detecting issues, but not so good at explaining to normal people why a threat is a threat. It also marks all tracking cookies as threats, which isn't always true.

Despite these criticisms, IObit Security 360 Pro does lots of things well. Scans are efficient, the real time protection is good and the selection of tools on offer are very useful.

IObit Security 360 Pro isn't perfect, but it's still an efficient and useful security tool that will help keep your system running smoothly.

IObit Security 360


IObit Security 360 Pro 1.41

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